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Wear Camera

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Easy control your phone camera from your watch! Be tricky spy, observe your pets, see back view from your bicycle and more live scenarios with Wear Camera!Hurry up! ★ The first 100 people will receive an application only for 0.99$ ★
Usage examples- Excellent selfie using high quality back camera;- Attach your phone to quadrocopter and create beautiful photo using your device only!!!- Remote photo and video shooting. No need to ask a passerby to photograph you;- Make interesting Timelapse sessions;- Radio babysitter;- Study hard to reach places;- Status of food when cooking;- Covert tracking;- The ability to see what is happening behind when you go on a bike.
Features- 3 recording mods: Photo, Video, Timelapse- connection by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi*- Show camera preview with quick response and good quality*- Take photo and record video, even if your phones screen is off or locked- Switch between front and back camera- Set photo and video resolution for back and front camera- Quick change camera mode, flash mode- Set self-timer for photo and video recording- Set self-timer for Timelapse session- Zoom using seek bar- On/off shutter sound- Automatic rotation- No camera (preview) window on your phone. Nothing changes of behavior on your phone. - Show results photo and video on device. - Show result photo on your watch.- All photo and video are saving to the "Picture" folder on your device. (Look "Picture->WearCamera" folder)- Timelapse photos separate by folders for each session.- Voice command to start: “START WEAR CAMERA”
*speed of data transfer depends on speed your Wi-Fi connection. (In case If you dont use Bluetooth connection)*some phones are not compatible with preview in video recording mode.
2 ways to start the app1) Tap to Start- Just tap on your wears face.- Scroll to the bottom and you can find the START on the list view.- Tap START and scroll vertically a bit, youll find Wear Camera2) Voice commandsay START WEAR CAMERA and wake up.
Photo and video folders- All photo and video are saving to the "Picture" folder on your device.You can open it using File Explorer on device. Look "Picture->WearCamera" folder- Also you can see it using "Folder" button (top left icon) on your watch. In opened screen choose "watch" or "device" icon. Result video files can be opened on device only (not watch). Device and Android Wear must be paired before you use it.
To Sonys Xperia users"Turn off" the STAMINA mode,when you want to take picture with screen-off mode.(How to set:Setting>Power management>STAMINA mode)If you have a question, please feel free to contact our email
Note: You need to have an Android Wear Watch to be able to use this app.LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live, Moto 360.
Also you can write to if: - you have suggestions or comments- you want translate the application into your language;- you have any troubles using the app;- you found bug.
Please write your e-mail with full description.